Monday, January 19, 2009

Gonzo Parenting Zine Updates!

Happy New Year, Gonzo friends!

The new issue of Gonzo Parenting is hot off the press! Volume 1, Issue 3 (It's All About the Image) includes fantastic essays and artwork, such as:

"The Good, Bad and Confusing," by Corbin Lewars of
"Body Image," by Christina Yother of
"Mommy Makeover," by yours truly
"Daddy Brain Naps," by Denis Sheehan of and
"How the Phone Thwarted My Birth Control," by lil' old me
"Mommy's Girl," by veteran Gonzo contributor Jim Strickland
"I Left My Son Alone in the Tub and Various Other Places," by Tennille-Lynn Millo of
Artwork by TheAllKnowingHead of

You can now order Gonzo directly online with PayPal! Visit our new home on the web at to get yours today!

In other Gonzo news:

The Gonzo Mama is now online!

Christina-Marie Wright (oh, yeah... that's me!) has launched a bi-weekly column, chronicling her adventures in "extreme parenting." With seven children underfoot, a political geek for a husband, and a writing career to manage, there's never a dull moment. The Gonzo Mama is quasi-hip, ultra-neurotic, chaos-juggling fun, delivered in a tasty little 300- to 700-word package. Read the archives at Comments are encouraged and appreciated!

Motherhood: From Egg to Zine (and everything in between)

Your publisher has helped to found an inspiring literary performance group and online "blogzine" for intelligent parents, and those who want to be. Get the skinny at and, if you are in the Seattle area, come to our very first performances on Saturday, January 24th. Read all about it here.

More news to come soon...

Stay Gonzo,
Christina-Marie Wright
Publisher/Editor, Gonzo Parenting Zine

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