Monday, May 11, 2009

Volume 1, Issue 4: Public Spectacle

It's finally done! Here it is, in all its glory...
Volume 1, Issue 4 is truly a train wreck of public spectacle, and includes:
  • Cover art graphics by GonZo Jenny
  • "One Happy Tale, One Not So Happy" by Laura Freeman
  • Artwork by Christine Stoddard
  • "Before I Knew About Child Locks on Cars" by Miryam Gordon
  • "My Little Fairy Man" and photography by Rose Norton
  • "Oboe and the Tooth Fairy" by Jim Strickland
  • "Aspirations of a Soccer Mom" by Robin Gedman
  • "I Want THAT!" by the Bliesner Family
  • "Curse of the Mothers," "Stirring the Great American Melting Pot," and photography by publisher Christina-Marie Wright
  • Photography by Greg Wright
C'mon... you know you want it! Get your three bucks and click on this:

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