Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gonzo Parenting Zine: Volume 2, Issue 1

The new issue includes some awesome writing and photography! We've got:

  • "A Tale from the Trail: Mt. Townsend" by Len Kannapell
  • "Confessions of a Failed Earth Mama" by Christina-Marie Wright
  • "Jules, Death, and the Rock/Frog" by Rose Norton
  • "Oh, No - Not More Squirrels!" by Maureen White
  • "The Beginning - and End - of My Fishing Career" by Christina-Marie Wright
  • "Brief Encounters with Nature" by Rose Norton
  • "The Princess and the Frog Rescuer" by Christina-Marie Wright
  • Awesome photography by Lasára Allen, Rose Norton, Len Kannapell and Christina-Marie Wright
  • As always, the "Because I Said So!" column by Christina-Marie Wright
  • And... *drumroll*... humiliating photos from Christina-Marie's childhood, like this one:
For the record, my shirt had
Spiderman comic panels on it, and it ROCKED.

It's three bucks. $3.00. Triple smackers. Less than a venti mocha at Starbucks. Go for it.

Orders, trades and contributor's copies will ship around the end of next week.

Here's a sampling of the contents, to whet yer whistle - or whatever you need whetted... I'm not judging.

The Beginning – and End – of My Fishing Career
by Christina-Marie Wright

My parents are nutty about camping. Seriously, I don’t know how I ended up with such distaste for sleeping, cooking, eating and bathing in the out-of-doors, considering my parents are such fanatics. Here’s just a sampling of phrases you’ll never hear come out of my mouth:

Bring on the mosquitoes! 

Mmmm… hot dog on a stick! 

A thin layer of nylon is all I need between me and the elements – and the bears!

Unfortunately, my parents were as adamant about exposing their offspring to the wilderness as I am about staying out of it. Clearly, there was a major conflict of interest and opinion in regard to how my childhood vacations should be spent.

That difference of opinion is how I ended up stuffed into a tent in an eastern Washington campground while it rained for something just shy of the fabled forty days and nights. I think I was about nine years old at the time, though I could swear I was six when we began the trip. When the rain stopped falling, Dad asked if I wanted to go fishing with him. “Heck, yes!” I shouted. At that point, I would have followed him into a sewage treatment facility, if it meant getting out of that tent.

Dad grabbed the poles and led my brother and me approximately eleventy million soggy miles away (on foot) to “this fishin’ hole I know about.” It turned out to be a secluded waterfall, with a wide pool at the foot. My brother and I half-heartedly cast into the pool, while Dad headed closer to the waterfall, expertly landing a cast at the base.

A near-eternity passed, with none of us getting so much as a bite. I didn’t mind much – it was better than being cooped up in a tent the size of my closet. The sun warmed my shoulders and danced on the water, sending blazing starbursts of light in every direction. The waterfall crashed into the pool, its song echoing off the rock walls that enclosed the pool.

Ah, sweet serenity.

“Hey… Hey! I got a bite!” The peaceful scene was shattered by Dad’s yell. He was pulling hard on his fishing pole, reeling and straining for all he was worth. Below the falls, the tail of a massive salmon breached the surface of the pool, fighting and twisting in an effort to escape.

It was a battle of endurance, and I wasn’t laying money on either one as the clear favorite – man and fish appeared fairly evenly matched. Dad struggled for several more suspenseful minutes, then landed the monstrosity.

Well… almost.

“Sonofabeaver! He spit the hook!”

(Leave it to Dad to teach his progeny the ever-important vocabulary of fishing. I believe that particular phrase is actually mandated by federal law – and enforced by game wardens – anytime a nice catch spits the hook.)

“No, Dad—LOOK!” My brother pointed to a cluster of rocks a mere yard from Dad’s feet. The fish’s thought stream must have read something like this:

Puh-toooie! Yeah! I’m off the hook! I’m flying… flying… Look out, water! Heeeere I COME! Yeah, baby! Oh, crap… SONOFABEAVER! I’m gonna fall, headfirst, into those rocks!

The fish landed, head wedged between two large stones. For a moment we all stared, dumbfounded, at the furiously wriggling salmon, which was determined to squirm its way back to the pool.

“EEEEEEEIIIIIIYAAAAAAAAAAH!” Dad’s battle cry could have splintered wood. He launched from the ground—head lifted, arms and legs spread, leaping toward the fish. (For a moment, he resembled a five-pointed star, flying through the air, surrounded by golden glimmering starbursts darting off the water’s surface.) With both hands, he reached for the fish tail as his feet hit the ground. With puma-like instincts, Dad bent down to get more leverage and…

RIIIIIIP! Dad’s jeans split from zipper to back belt buckle, but he didn’t let the phenomena of his underwear suddenly becoming outerwear deter him. He yanked the fish from the rocks and hefted it backward, over his shoulder. The salmon smacked the rock wall. I expected it to be stunned or killed, but the battle only seemed to make it stronger.

For a nanosecond, I wondered exactly how far we were from the Hanford nuclear facility, and if the government knew about the radioactive, mutant-powered salmon running amok in the area.

Dad, too, seemed to draw strength from the war, and he spun around, pouncing on top of the flailing fish. He pinned his opponent for a full three counts, proving once and for all who the champ was.

Talk about poor sportsmanship... Instead of graciously accepting his belt and title, Dad drew his hunting knife and began thwacking the fish’s head with the heavy handle end. Over and over—thwack thwack, thwackthwack… until there was no more fight in the fish.

Then, all was silent. Well… almost. One angry, horrified little girl sobbed and hiccupped and cried out through the quivering fingers held over her mouth, “Dad? How COULD you? How could you DO that? How could you beat that POOR FISH like that?”

The girl turned and ran in the direction of camp, followed by a small giggling boy and a bewildered man who muttered, “Are you kidding me?” as his boxer shorts flapped in the breeze behind him.

* * *

Upcoming issues will take on "Working Parents," "Pets & Animals," and "Adoption." Be as literal or figurative as you like.

We'll also be doing another "Text-osterone" issue soon, so get to work, daddies!

Be sure to check out the submission guidelines before sending me your genius. Thanks.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gonzo Parenting Volume 2, Issue 1 is at the Printer!

Woooohooo! I got it all put together, and I must say it is quite lovely - and lively. Check out the deliciously messy cover:

They'll be done in time for me to take them to the Portland Zine Symposium this weekend, and I'm also stocking up on some past issues that I seem to have sold out of. If you're in da PDX over the wee-ken-dah, swing by and pick one up! Or, you know, just stop by and give me a hug, because I'm a 'ho' like that.

When I get back home, I'll put in a restocking order and get the PayPal button up so everyone can order. Contributor copies/trades will go out probably the end of next week.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where We've Been, When the New Issue is Coming, and Calls for the Next Issue

I've been meaning to post this update for a long, long, looooong time. Somehow, I find enough to distract me into forgetting each day.

The zine has been on hiatus for the past near-year, while the publisher launches her book, "Everything I Need to Know About Motherhood I Learned from Animal House." (Which, by the way, you can now order here.)

If you're a subscriber, don't fret - you'll still receive all four of your issues!

The next issue ("The Great Outdoors") will be released in August, before the Portland Zinefest (we'll be there!) August 28-29, so look for it in the mail then!

The following issue will be themed, "A Mother's Work is Never Done," so dig out your stories of juggling work and parenthood, taking your kids to work, or the work you do around the house that no one notices or appreciates. How about how hard you worked to become a parent? Maybe tell about how your mother still works hard to care for you, even now that you're a parent, yourself. Make it real, make it funny, make it raw!

Oh, and we've made some slight changes to the submission guidelines. Check 'em out.


Monday, July 13, 2009

The Motherhood: From Egg to Zine (and everything in between) Tour in Chelan, Washington!

The talented mamas of Motherhood: From Egg to Zine (and everything in between) (ME2Z) are heating things up in sunny Lake Chelan, Washington on August 1st! ME2Z is a literary and arts performance tour of moms, grandmas, and would-be moms whose mission is to celebrate motherhood and passionate creativity of women.

Pack up your beach blankets and festival chairs, because the mamas are bringing their “mamapalooza” to Chelan’s Riverwalk Park Pavilion. Presented by the Historic Downtown Chelan Association, the outdoor venue is free to the public and has plenty of lawn to lounge on while you take in the show.

This summer’s event will open with music by Two Wannabe Divas and One Real One, the “divalicious” trio comprised of CherylAnn Ellingson, Jeannie Kappple and Kathryn Castrodale, starting at 6:00 p.m.

From 7:00 to 10:00 p.m., enjoy readings by Corbin Lewars of Reality Mom Zine, Rosie Weagant Norton of Riot Mama, The Gonzo Mama’s Christina-Marie Wright, Christy Cuellar-Wentz of, and more.

Writer/actor/director Laura Leon Freeman will perform reader’s theater segments, and attendees will be treated to the indie folk rock stylings of Ilka Haley of Small Town Girl Productions.

Dance has been a staple of ME2Z performances since the group’s creation, and the Chelan tour will offer belly dance performances by Christy Cuellar-Wentz, Heartfelt Fitness belly dance students, and special sword-dancing and roller-dance segments by Laura Folsom of Heartfelt Fitness.

The Historic Downtown Chelan Association will provide a wine garden with wines from Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards and is planning for a fun mix of vendors during the event. More performers are being added to the program as confirmations roll in, so keep up to date by visiting

For more information, call Christina-Marie at 509-670-8823 or email

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Seeking Submissions for Volume 2, Issue 1

The theme of the upcoming issue is "The Great Outdoors."

Send in your greatest tales of surviving parenthood in the out-of-doors... but please, for my sake (and yours), read the submission guidelines first!

We are also looking for black and white drawings and photos for this issue! Artwork may be emailed with the subject line "ART SUBMISSION - GONZO PARENTING" and attached as a jpg file.

Please note that we must have a resolution of 300 dpi for commercial printing purposes. No more, no less.

Photo by Monroe's Dragonfly

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gonzo Parenting: Now Available in Green!

If you're like us, you're trying to do your part to reduce, reduce, reduce.

You've made phone calls to stop receiving junk mail. You've gone to online billing for your utilities and services. You've *gasp* cut back on your magazine and newspaper subscriptions in an effort to reduce your paper consumption and the fossil fuels burned to deliver said paper.

We hear ya.

That's why we are now offering an electronic version of Gonzo Parenting, starting with our most current issue, "Public Spectacle."

This little e-gem is formatted for web viewing and is happily waiting for you to download it here.

What are you waiting for? Go save the Earth, and support Gonzo Parenting!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Volume 1, Issue 4: Public Spectacle

It's finally done! Here it is, in all its glory...
Volume 1, Issue 4 is truly a train wreck of public spectacle, and includes:
  • Cover art graphics by GonZo Jenny
  • "One Happy Tale, One Not So Happy" by Laura Freeman
  • Artwork by Christine Stoddard
  • "Before I Knew About Child Locks on Cars" by Miryam Gordon
  • "My Little Fairy Man" and photography by Rose Norton
  • "Oboe and the Tooth Fairy" by Jim Strickland
  • "Aspirations of a Soccer Mom" by Robin Gedman
  • "I Want THAT!" by the Bliesner Family
  • "Curse of the Mothers," "Stirring the Great American Melting Pot," and photography by publisher Christina-Marie Wright
  • Photography by Greg Wright
C'mon... you know you want it! Get your three bucks and click on this:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Get Your Submissions in for Issue 4!

The theme is "Public Spectacle."

Go crazy with the theme! Brownie points will be awarded for photos! Deadline is looming, so don't dally!

The Publisher Guest-Blogs on!

I am so honored to announce The Gonzo Mama's first guest-blogger gig...

It all went down at Kate and Elaine, the MIC (that's Mamas In Charge) at LipstickDaily are constantly making my days a little more enlightened, a little more enjoyable, and a lot more giggly with their posts on love, careers, motherhood and life.

Imagine how excited I was when my favorite bloggers asked me - ME - to do a guest post! I squealed. I actually, honestly, loudly squealed. And then... then, I developed a case of blogger's block. I couldn't think of anything to write about.

Fortunately, I got into a fight with my husband.

What? What's that you say? I know... since when is it a fortunate thing to get into a fight with one's husband? Well... it spelled the end of my blogger's block...

"Makeup sex!" It's not what you think! Read it here, and click around LipstickDaily after you check it out... Get to know and love Kate and Elaine like I do! Tell 'em I sent ya!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New subscribers, new Wenatchee location, new column and more!

Greetings, Gonzo friends!

With the new issue of Gonzo Parenting out, it's time for updates.

New Reader Alert!
Thanks to Dan and Dennis of Seattle, and others who picked up copies of Volume 1, Issues 1, 2 and 3 at the Motherhood: From Egg to Zine (and everything in between) performance at the Richard Hugo House.

Congratulations to Ashley of Kennewick, WA and Billie of North Plains, OR... Melody of Entiat, WA purchased each of them a gift subscription to Gonzo Parenting!

Now in Wenatchee!
Gonzo Parenting is pleased to announce its presence at Hastings in Wenatchee, WA! Stop on in to pick up the latest copy, and have a mocha and a muffin at the Hardback Cafe!

Upcoming Issue
Coming up next... the "Public Spectacle" issue of Gonzo Parenting! Do you have a story about your kids (or you) making a public scene of sorts? Send your story! Please read our submission guidelines first.

Motherhood: From Egg to Zine (and everything in between)
If you haven't already, click on over to Motherhood: From Egg to Zine (and everything in between) to read some of motherhood's best writers! (Your charming publisher is a co-founder!)

The Gonzo Mama
Can't wait for the next issue of Gonzo Parenting to read hilarious stories about surviving parenthood? Click on over to to read (almost) absolutely true tales of "extreme parenting!"

Stay Gonzo,

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gonzo Parenting Zine Updates!

Happy New Year, Gonzo friends!

The new issue of Gonzo Parenting is hot off the press! Volume 1, Issue 3 (It's All About the Image) includes fantastic essays and artwork, such as:

"The Good, Bad and Confusing," by Corbin Lewars of
"Body Image," by Christina Yother of
"Mommy Makeover," by yours truly
"Daddy Brain Naps," by Denis Sheehan of and
"How the Phone Thwarted My Birth Control," by lil' old me
"Mommy's Girl," by veteran Gonzo contributor Jim Strickland
"I Left My Son Alone in the Tub and Various Other Places," by Tennille-Lynn Millo of
Artwork by TheAllKnowingHead of

You can now order Gonzo directly online with PayPal! Visit our new home on the web at to get yours today!

In other Gonzo news:

The Gonzo Mama is now online!

Christina-Marie Wright (oh, yeah... that's me!) has launched a bi-weekly column, chronicling her adventures in "extreme parenting." With seven children underfoot, a political geek for a husband, and a writing career to manage, there's never a dull moment. The Gonzo Mama is quasi-hip, ultra-neurotic, chaos-juggling fun, delivered in a tasty little 300- to 700-word package. Read the archives at Comments are encouraged and appreciated!

Motherhood: From Egg to Zine (and everything in between)

Your publisher has helped to found an inspiring literary performance group and online "blogzine" for intelligent parents, and those who want to be. Get the skinny at and, if you are in the Seattle area, come to our very first performances on Saturday, January 24th. Read all about it here.

More news to come soon...

Stay Gonzo,
Christina-Marie Wright
Publisher/Editor, Gonzo Parenting Zine

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Introducing Motherhood: From Egg to Zine (and everything in between) ONLINE!

This brand-spankin' new website is home to some of the coolest mamas, grandmamas, soon-to-be mamas, and would-be mamas around!

Subscribe to the blog and watch it grow as members of the Motherhood: From Egg to Zine (and everything in between) tour post their work. Get to know them. Tell your friends. Get in good with them now, because they're taking over the world...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Save the date! January 24th - Motherhood: From Egg to Zine (and everything in between) hits Seattle!

What do a hippie nudist turned reclusive writer, a goat-milking belly dancer, a hip-hop loving, booty shaking realist and a woman who "conceived" six children over the phone have in common?

They are all in different stages of motherhood, and each have a story to tell.

Corbin Lewars, Christy Cuellar-Wentz, Monica LeMoine and Christina-Marie Wright are the founding members of Motherhood: From Egg to Zine (and everything in between), an inspiring literary performance group for thinking parents, and those who want to be. They are also respectively the nudist, goat milker, booty shaker and child magnet. The foursome will tell all and share their views on motherhood and creativity at two performances on Saturday, January 24, 2009.

Play Matters (, located at 7720 Greenwood Avenue North, will host the group for readings and "Q & A" at 2:00 p.m. (Children are welcome!) A second, expanded performance will take place at the Richard Hugo House (, located at 1634 – 11th Avenue, at 7:00 p.m., where other area zinesters, writers and musicians will be joining the cast. The show will feature belly dancing and music, as well as readings.

Additions to the troupe for the Hugo House appearance include Nina Packebush of The Edgy-catin' Mama, Granny Chronicles and The True Adventures of the Feminist Snails zines; playwright Ann Teplick; Pushcart Prize winner Kristin King; juggling poet Courtney Putnam and more.

For more information, contact Christina-Marie at

About the Founders:

Hailing from Oroville, Washington, Christy Cuellar-Wentz, M.A. is an author and registered mental health counselor specializing in providing postpartum support for the unique demands of new parenthood. When she first became a mother, Christy was shocked to discover herself in the midst of a tremendous challenge. Since then, she's learned that new motherhood is often the most difficult part of a woman's life. She co-founded to offer empowering information gained not only from years of helping others in online and face-to-face therapy, but from her own experiences with baby blues and postpartum depression. Christy is the host of the internet talk radio show, The Mommy Muse is In: Empowering Your Journey into Motherhood on the Health & Wellness Network. Her books include The Essential Mommy-Muse Toolkit: 11 Empowering Keys for Your Journey into Motherhood, and The Belly Dance Prescription: Shake Your Hips & Depression, available on Christy can be reached at christy AT mommy-muse DOT com.

Monica LeMoine is a Seattle-area community college instructor, blogger and founder and editor of Exhale (, a unique new online literary zine for "intelligent people who have lost babies, or can't figure out how to make one in the first place." After losing a male fetus to four-month miscarriage in 2006 and a subsequent son to stillbirth in 2007, Monica decided that the "Sperm + Vajayjay = Baybay" theory is really just a lie fabricated by her 4th grade Catholic school teacher to keep girls away from boys and their sperm-shooting, life-ruining penises. Monica is working on her humorous stillbirth memoir, Knocked Up, Knocked Down; channeling pent-up mothering energy into her spoiled puppy and amazing husband; and sending rays of wistful affection up to her two boys, who now live the high life in the Mad Cool MTV Realworld Penthouse for Bitchin' Stillborn and Miscarried Babes. Her work has been published in Mamazine and Hip Mama. She can be reached at monica AT exhalezine DOT com.

Corbin Lewars wrote her first book, The Nosy Puppy, at the age of five. Years later, she traded her markers and staples in for a laptop and wrote the memoir Creating a Life and the sexy mommy-lit book Swings (both out for submission). Her work has appeared in Mothering, Hip Mama and Midwifery Today, as well as many bathroom stalls. She is the editor of Mamaphiles 3 and the creator of the zine Reality Mom ( She lives in Seattle with her family, who have learned never to ask the dreaded question: "When will your books be published?" Corbin can be reached at corbinlew AT clearwire DOT net.

Christina-Marie Wright is the publisher and editor of the print zine, Gonzo Parenting (, which provides a forum for sharing stories about parenting in the real world. According to Gonzo Parenting's motto, "sometimes, parenthood is all about surviving it." When Wright found herself the "unexpectant" mother of seven children, she learned that mainstream, glossy parenting magazines provided little support for uniquely-crafted families and the challenges they face. "My family isn't blended," she insists. "It's puréed." Her desire to share her personal parenting stories – and those of others – take tangible form in her zine. Christina-Marie is a freelance editor and writer near Lake Chelan, where she is the author of a bi-weekly column called The Gonzo Mama ( She is currently at work on her first novel, a "chick-litty adventure filled with tasty bits of neuroticism" titled Miranda Writes. Christina-Marie can be reached at

Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday gift under $10? Think Gonzo!

A subscription to Gonzo Parenting zine is the perfect gift for your favorite mama or papa!

Four times a year, Gonzo Parenting prints true stories from real moms and dads, reporting from the trenches of parenthood. Each 32-page issue is filled with humor, insight, and a candid look at raising kids in the real world. Our readers and contributors know how true our motto is: Sometimes, parenthood is all about surviving it.

Ordering Gonzo is simple, painless, and easy on the bank account. Your recipient will get a full year of Gonzo, and think about you each time his or her new issue arrives!

To order by PayPal:

Send payment of $9.75 by clicking the button below.

This discounted price includes postage! Include your name, and I’ll print a sticker to slap on each issue that reads, “Compliments of (your name),” so your recipient will know you’re thinking of her/him all year long. The current issue will be sent out promptly, and over the year, your mama/daddy will receive three more fun issues.

To order by mail:

Send a check or money order for $9.75, payable to Wright Consulting, to P.O. Box 214, Chelan, WA 98816, ATTN: Gonzo Parenting. Include a note with the recipient’s name and address, and I’ll mail out the current issue promptly with your special gift sticker affixed to it.

Happy Holidays from Gonzo Parenting!

Christina-Marie Wright

Publisher/Editor, Gonzo Parenting zine

Monday, November 24, 2008

Gonzo Parenting updates

Happy Fall, Gonzo Friends!

I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on what Gonzo Parenting is up to, where it's been, and where it's going. First of all, the Fall 2008 issue is out, and full of great gonzo tales such as A Piercing Tale in the Yucatan by Anne Kundtz, Life is Dangerous by Jim Strickland, Baby Fight Club by Charles Van Zee, Notes from a Moderately Disastrous Camping Trip by Len Kannapell, Do as I Did Not by Doug Sandvick, Frederick's of Halloween by Greg Wright and, of course, my column, Because I Said So!

The Fall issue is now available, and if you don't have your copy yet, you can get it by sending a check or money order for $3.00 (payable to Wright Consulting) to P.O. Box 214, Chelan, WA 98816 or... save a stamp and send your payment by PayPal.

New Reader Alert

Thank you to our new reader, Melanie in Superior , Wisconsin , for her order! Your zines are in the mail, and should reach you this week. Also, welcome to Steve in Chicago, and about thirty REALTORS® who picked up copies at recent state and national events!

Bookstore Update

Gonzo has found a new home with Urban Think! Bookstore in Orlando , Florida (perhaps the only surviving independent bookstore in Orlando , amid all of the commercial Disney fluff), and it should be on their shelves sometime this week. Send manager Jim an email at jim AT to let him know you appreciate his support of independent publications!

The new issue of Gonzo is on its way to two Chicago bookstores: Women & Children First, and Quimby's. Send an email to Women & Children First at wcfbooks AT to thank them for carrying Gonzo, and check out their website at You can show your support and gratitude to Quimby's by dashing off an email to info AT and visit their site at

Gonzo Parenting is still available at Riverwalk Books in Chelan, Washington ( and at Orondo Cider Works in Orondo , Washington ( Drop them a line to let them know you support their decision to carry independent zines!

Distro News

Gonzo Parenting has been picked up by a new distribution company called Sweet Candy. Sweet Candy's owner, Sage, is proud of her wide selection of zines and really puts her heart into gaining exposure for each publication. Drop her a line at sweetcandydistro AT to ask about specials. You can view her entire catalog online at I promise you'll find something fun to read! is THE place to find independent businesses and bookstores near you, and to meet others who support indie enterprises and share your interests.

It's free and easy to join. Just set up your account, and then add your favorite independent businesses. Search for businesses you've visited and become a fan, or write a review of your experience.

Find me on IndieBound at and add me as a friend! Don't forget to become a fan of Gonzo Parenting at

Possible New Projects

I've been pretty busy entertaining ideas for new projects and appearances, and will send updates as things progress.

Possible projects include a new regular column that would be an extension of my Because I Said So! column, and an appearance on a radio program. I've also become involved in a compilation project with some of the best mama zinesters in the country. I'll definitely be sending more info on that as it progresses.

Riverwalk Books in Chelan, Washington is interested in having a reading of Gonzo Parenting contributors, and we are looking at March or April for that event. More info to come. In the meantime, get your stories to me, and let me know if you'd be willing to read your work in beautiful Lake Chelan!

I'm also working on getting set up to sell Gonzo t-shirts. It would help to have some idea on the level of interest on that, so let me know if you think you might like one, and depending on the response, I'll pursue that. Or not.

Let me hear from you!

I love to hear from readers on what they like about the zine, and how they think it can be improved. Even more than that, I love to receive submissions from parents who have a story to tell. Read the submission guidelines on our blog at, then send your story to me at gonzoparentingzine AT

Thanks for supporting indie zines, and Gonzo Parenting. It's you, the readers, who make it all worth it.

Stay Gonzo,

Christina-Marie Wright

Publisher/Editor, Gonzo Parenting zine

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gonzo’s fall issue now available!

The new fall issue of Gonzo Parenting is out, and it ROCKS. It's the TEXT-OSTERONE issue, and is full of stories, mostly by dads this time, about parenting "in the trenches!"

You can get your copy by sending a check or money order for $3.00 (includes postage), payable to Wright Consulting, to P.O. Box 214, Chelan, WA 98816.

We also accept Paypal!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Update on fall issue, thanks, and kudos!

The fall issue of Gonzo Parenting is under construction and should be out sometime in October. Order your copy now! Send a check or money order for $3.00 (includes postage) payable to Wright Consulting (the company that publishes the zine) to: P.O. Box 214, Chelan, WA 98816. Or, pay by PayPal...

Thank you to Lacey of Staten Island, NY for ordering a copy of the summer issue.

Susan of Des Moines, WA ordered a copy of the summer issue. Thank you!

Thanks also to Dina of Chelan, WA for ordering two subscriptions, and to Laura of Chelan for her new subscription, as well as Shawna of Marysville, WA.

Congrats to Doug and Mary S. of Chelan, who won a subscription at one of our events!

The Chelan Public Library is now carrying Gonzo Parenting. Yeeee-haw!

Gloria of Chelan received a subscription as a baby shower gift... Welcome, Baby W!

Kudos and thanks to dad Denis Sheehan, who sent me a copy of his zine, Askew Reviews, with a bonus copy of his book, A Nobody's Nothings.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A peek at some articles appearing in Gonzo Parenting's summer 2008 issue

Celebrating the "Man" in "Woman"

Step-Wives: The Good, the Bad and the Butt-Ugly

Don't miss out on the rest! We are publishing stories by some amazing parents in this issue... Order your copy today!

Send a check or money order for $3.00, payable to Wright Consulting(price includes postage), to P.O. Box 214, Chelan, WA 98816. Write "Summer issue" in the memo area, or include a note.

Or, you can pay by PayPal!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Submission Guidelines for Gonzo Parenting

General Requirements:

* Submissions should be 300-1200 words. Longer works will be considered, if exceptional, but are not preferred.

* A cover letter is required. Please include a short biography, including how many children you have, your interests and at least one fascinating fact about yourself. Publication credits are not required, but if you've had something published that you are particularly proud of, feel free to share it! Please note, however, that we do not use previous publication as an assessment of the writer's ability. Unpublished writers do some of the best writing out there. Submitted manuscripts must stand on their own literary feet.

* We are willing to consider previously published work. We, ourselves, are writers, and believe that writers should get as much mileage out of their written efforts as possible. However, please note when and where your piece was previously published in your cover letter, and assure us that you retain the rights to the work.

* We will accept simultaneous submissions, if noted in the cover letter. Please indicate where the piece has also been submitted and a confirmation that you will inform us immediately and withdraw your submission if it is accepted elsewhere in the event that the other publication obtains conflicting rights to the piece.

* Our preference is for electronic submissions, pasted into the body of an email to gonzoparentingzine (at) yahoo (dot) com. Writer's name, address, telephone number and email address must appear in the email, and a brief cover letter should precede the submission. Send postal submissions to: Gonzo Parenting, P.O. Box 214, Chelan, WA 98816 ATTN: Christina-Marie Wright, Editor

* If we are considering your piece, we may ask for it as a Word (or .txt) document by email. If the submitter does not have access to email, we ask that this information be imparted in the cover letter. In these cases, we are happy to type submissions up and send the writer a proof of the manuscript by snail mail before publication.

* In this age of computer viruses, we cannot accept email attachments, unless we ask you for them. Unsolicited attachments will be deleted with haste and without remorse.

* Again, when submitting by email, open your message with your cover letter and paste the manuscript into the body of the email message. We're sorry to repeat ourselves, but this is important.

What we are looking for:

* We seek first-person experiential writing and essays on all aspects of parenting, but prefer pieces that have an edge or a humorous tone.

* We like our pieces to be raw and stripped naked, but value good writing above all else. Please send your best work. Conventions count - a firm grasp of grammar, punctuation and spelling is required. We don't like to have to reject manuscripts that have good content but poor composition. That being said, if we find a piece that we like but feel needs work, we will happily make editorial suggestions and return the manuscript with encouragement to resubmit.

* All submissions should be subjective and convey an emotional connection to the subject matter. We need to be able to connect with the writing on both an intellectual and emotional level in order for it to grab us.

* In regard to contributors, we really enjoy reading work by writers who are parenting "in the trenches." We'd like to hear the viewpoints of single parents, parents in prison, same-sex parents, parents raising children with special needs, non-custodial parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, otherwise "traditional" parents that are dealing with a unique issue… in general, parents who have a story to tell that won't bore the pants off of us.

* As to subject matter, we don't have any clear-cut requirements for content. We like to receive political pieces, provided that they are non-partisan and focus on how a particular issue affects families. We enjoy a good rant, provided that it does not defame or attack a particular group of people (we're looking for personal rants, not global ones). We like to hear how parents have solved a difficult problem. We enjoy commiserating with parents who feel they come up short in some imagined measure of parental perfection.

* When in doubt, err on the side of submission. Better to try us out than to keep your genius a secret! We welcome queries from those who seriously believe it is better to ask for permission, rather than grace.

What we are NOT looking for:

* Bashing. Interpret this as broadly as you like. We do not seek anti-religious, anti-gay, anti-Republican/Democrat/Libertarian/Socialist/whatever, anti-men/women, anti-abortion, anti-pro-life… We're just not that angry.

* Your political platform. If proposed legislation in your state seeks to impose additional licensing fees for your large people-moving vehicle, we're interested in hearing how it will affect your family. However, we are not interested in hearing about your position on lethal injection unless it relates to your family.

* Articles better suited for a glossy parenting magazine. Please do not send us your piece on how to choose a pediatrician unless you infuse it with your personal experience or quirky humor. Don't send us overly-researched technical pieces - our focus is on real life, real experiences, and real parents.

Rights we acquire and payment:

We acquire one-time North American rights. We also request a future option for anthology rights and electronic rights, in the event that compilation or online projects come to fruition.

Payment for publication is two contributor's copies.

Response time:

We try to respond to submissions in one to six weeks. Since the publishers are real parents living in the real world, sometimes it may be longer, but we sincerely try. If you don't receive a response in six weeks, shoot us an email or postal inquiry as to the status of your submission. We won't take it personally.